Landscape Staples Stakes Pins

Garden Stakes Pins

Steel Garden Stakes Pins are designed to enhance your outdoor landscapes, patio,lawn or garden to pin down countless items.

General Details



·NO BEND – Solid/Strong Construction. Not bent when pushed into the lawn/hard soil ground.
·RUST RESISTANT – Rustproof last Many years re-usable without rust, save your money in the long run.
·Galvanized Steel – Garden Staples applied Premium Hot-Dip Galvanizing with thicker coating instead of Regular cheap Electro Galvanizing with thiner coating. So Our Garden Stakes has much better ANTI-RUST performance
·SHARP END- Our Garden Staples have Sharp beveled Ends make it easier/quicker to fully insert into the ground soil with less force.Steel Garden Stakes are designed to enhance your outdoor landscapes, patio,lawn or garden to pin down countless items.
·NUMEROUS USES – Container garden, square foot, herb, rose, bulbs, vegetable & flower gardens. Fence in dogs, stop dog digging in your gardens or beds or to hold down a boundary or perimeter fence to stop animal digging such as squirrels, rabbits, and gophers, and also to secure deer and bird nets. Useful in cactus, succulent, and Japanese gardens to hold down landscape fabric or plastic to keep weeds out of rocks and plants.

Product Name U Shape Sod Staples
Finish electronic galvanized, hot dipped galvanized,?polished
Packing bulk, box, bag or according to customers’ requests
Dimension 8GA 11″X1/4″X11″,8GA 12″X1″X12″
9GA ?6″X1″X6″
10GA 6″X1″X6″
11GA 4″X1″X4″,11GA 6″X1″X6″,11GA 12″X1″X12″
12GA 8″X1″X8″

You need to pin the fabric down at every single edge, every 1’. So if you’re doing a bed that is 5’ wide and 20’ long, and you’re using 3’ wide landscape fabric, you’ll need 20 pins along one side, 20 pins along the center where you overlap your fabric, and 20 pins along the other side plus three pins on the last two sides, for a total of 66 pins at the very least.
It is smart to use pins on a number of other places as well, like after you cut planting holes, you may like to pin the fabric again in that area if it’s looking baggy. You want the fabric to adhere totally to the soil surface and not be loose or flapping.

Anchoring Pins & Stakes

10pcs per one bundle and then 100pcs -200pcs per one carton .then packed with the pallet

landscape stakes pins packaging
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