Shade Cloth Circle Clips

Shade Cloth Clips

Perfect to attach shade cloth to a variety of frameworks, including chain link fencing and cables.

General Details


shade net connectors

Commercial growers have used these oversize grommet-like clips for years, since their locking teeth easily and firmly grip open-weave fabric, and once secured provide two convenient fastening points. A central hole accepts cords, stakes or bungees, and a sleeve lets you attach cords or wires, either fixed in place or threaded through for a sliding connection, such as when making a shade-cloth curtain.
They are the fast and easy way to attach your shade fabric to a variety of fixtures. Perfect to attach shade cloth to a variety of frameworks, including chain link fencing and cables. Gripping teeth holds fabric tight to ensure a secure attachment.

plastic clip
Raw Material 100% virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) With UV stabilizer
UV Stabilizer UV resistance >300 KLY,UV standard 35-40+
Density 0.957
Minimum Temp. -76o F (-60o C)
Maximum Temp. 250o F (120o C)
Crystalline Melt Point 133o C
Packing 100pcs/bag, 10bag/carton

Ideal for Connect net and fabrics on the wire on the top
With UV resistance to atrocious weather for lasting durability
High bite force to ensure safety of net
Ideal for anti-hail net, shade net , anti-bird net etc
Easy to install on netting selvage

circle clips
shade cloth clips

These unique clips can be used to attach shade cloth, hail net, bird net etc to structures.
All types of shade applications, on carport, pergola, swimming pool, patio, deck, chicken run, greenhouse, etc.

shade cloth circle clips
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