Swimming Pool Cover

Pool Cover

·Rectangle (in-ground pool cover) · Round (above-ground pool cover) · Oval (above-ground pool cover).

General Details


pool cover

We offer safety swimming pool covers for any shape, size, and style of pool or spa.?To prevent water?wear and tear, keeps pools clean, stop chemicals loss, and prevent algae growth!
Shapes Available:
· Rectangle (in-ground pool cover)
· Round (above-ground pool cover)
· Oval (above-ground pool cover)

Above Ground-Round
above ground pool cover

· Includes Cable and Winch
· All-Weather Stamped Aluminum Grommets Prevent Ripping
· U.V. Inhibitors Protect the Cover From Sun Damage
· Highly resistant to punctures, tears, chlorine stains and other chemical stains

above ground winter pool cover

Plastic coated steel cable?can be used to replace a worn or broken winter cover cable. The?winch?is used for tightening the cable to secure your winter pool cover,?thread both ends of the cable through the winch after you have pulled the cable all?the way around the pool then just wind the hand crank and tighten the cable.

in ground winter pool cover

Our in-ground pool?cover sides with loops and grommets?for?easy installation.
Extra strong polyethylene material with double stitching.

Round Oval Rectangle
Diameter Width Length Width Length
12ft 12ft 24ft 12ft 24ft
15ft 15ft 30ft 15ft 30ft
16ft 16ft 24ft 16ft 24ft
18ft 16ft 28ft 16ft 28ft
19ft 16ft 32ft 16ft 32ft
21ft 18ft 33ft 18ft 33ft
22ft 19ft 34ft 19ft 34ft
24ft 20ft 29ft 20ft 29ft
25ft 20ft 36ft 20ft 36ft
26ft 22ft 38ft 22ft 38ft
28ft 24ft 41ft 24ft 41ft
30ft 25ft 45ft 25ft 45ft

Widely used in the above ground outdoor and indoor pools, public pools

pool cover application
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