Construction Safety Net

Debris Safety Net

Safety net is made of polyethylene by adding UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants. It is lightweight, high-strength, anti-aging, large-area coverage and it can adjust control environment, optimizing climate and improve plants in the growth of adverse climate conditions.

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safety net

Scaffolding Safety Net (Debris Net) also named Debris Net, which is regarding minimum safety and health instructions to be enforced in temporary or mobile construction sites such as scaffolding, state that where scaffolding exists in areas open to the public, it must be appropriately enclosed using a scaffold protection cover manufactured with specific products, to ensure building site safety. Construction site experts request precise guarantees to ensure protection against plaster, stone, construction equipment or materials which could accidentally fall from scaffolding and harm people or property.

? High density knitted polyethylene mesh netting?

? Edges include reinforced borders for fastening

??Reinforced button holes?

? UV treated

? Tear resistant mesh netting

? Mesh design allows air to pass through



Scaffolding Net
Safety Debris Netting
Product ?Orange/Blue/Green HDPE Construction Scaffolding Safety Net
Material ?100% Virgin HDPE Resins with Anti-UV Protect Addition
Standard Weight ?60gsm ~ 230gsm, Other special weight is also available
Width ?1.5m , 1.8m , 2m, upto 6m
Length ?According to Customer’s Request
Shade Rate ?30%-90%
Lasting Duration ?Ablout 3-5 years,max 10 years under normal weather and use ;OEM accept
Color Available ?Black ,Green ,Dark Green ,Blue/White ,Green/White
Packaging ?1.Each roll in a palstic bag
2.According to your request
Delivery time ?Within 35 days after receiving the prepayment
Construction safety Net

? ?Enveloping scaffolding during construction
? ?Protecting persons on construction sites & passer-bys
? ?Used with metal fencing to reduce visibility & contain debris

Construction Net
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