Anti- Insect Netting

Anti Insect Netting

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Anti Insect Netting has been designed and tested to offer the highest quality insect netting available for Cabbage Root Fly, Carrot Root Fly, Flea Beetle, Green Fly, White Fly, Aphids & Thrips. It is constructed from virgin polyethylene and has a UV life expectancy of over 3 years. Blocks penetration of insects and protects against pests, such as tobacco Whitefly (Bemisia-tabaci), Leaf miner, Aphids and Thrips. To be used in cultivation of flowers and vegetables in shade houses and greenhouse. The anti insect net is made of monofilaments that are manufactured with special UV-resistant materials, giving the net durability and longevity. It has strong tucked selvedges, and is flexible, light, and easy to spread.

Insect Mesh Netting

·UV Resistant – Longlasting and durable mesh netting matrial help protect your plants in strong sunlight and windy days.
·Lightweight and flexible, allowing for easy installation.
·Can be cleaned with a power sprayer.
·Features strong tucked selvedges, which prevent unraveling.

agricultural anti insect net
40 80 mesh net
Material 100% virgin HDPE + UV
Weight 30g/m2—-200g/m2
Width 1m-6m
Length 50m-100m
U.V. As?customer?request
Color white, green. blue ?black, custom made.
Packaging one roll one plastic bag
Delivery time Within 30 days after receiving the prepayment

Packing in rolls or pieces with plastic bags and carton for anti insect net

garden anti insect net

1)Widely used in greenhouse construction
2)Being an effective protection against insects like white fly, etc.
3)Helping reduce the use of phytosanitary products against insects/plagues
4)Allowing maximum ventilation in hot seasons.

anti insect net
vegetable anti insect net
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